How To Capture the Perfect Birthday Photograph

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Your children’s birthdays come and go so fast; before you know it, they are at University, marriage with children of their own. Therefore, capturing perfect pictures at their birthday parties is so crucial to saving those memories.

As per a lifestyle blogger from Mediatimes, capturing birthdays are important, as they are something you will always look back on. People spend a good amount on such occasions and also take the help of professional services for a successful event. As per Jenny who runs online store Chef Wears says it is not rare for people to hire event planners who organise chefs, cakes, party stuff, decorations and more.

A young person’s birthday is a cherished event. Capturing photos that will be looked at with smiles and happy memories are especially important during their young age.

  1. Capture the growth

Children grow so fast, right before your eyes; one day the cannot walk or talk, the next they are leaving home. Track each birthday, and remember to capture small details like the candles on the cake, presents and balloons. Most importantly is capturing your child next to the cake, and you can watch their growth over the years. Choose a shutter speed of 1/100th of a second and avoid blur. Use continuous shooting mode, especially with children who tend to move around a great deal.

  1. Surprise shots

Candid, unpoised shots are some of the best images you will take at any birthday party. You will surprise people, who obviously expect normal shots of the birthday child with the cake. You should try to capture each child at the birthday party as well. Use a telephoto zoom lens to focus on different children inconspicuously, this is where you will get the best shots. If you are indoors use an ISO of 400 or higher, so you have sufficiently fast shutter speed. Ensure you use spot metering mode and meter on each specific child’s face.

  1. Cherish everything

Make sure you don’t just focus on the birthday girl or by; make sure you capture the fun and enjoyment of the other children at the party too. Watch how the children play and interact with each other, especially siblings. Capture moments of love between the siblings, and fun the children have together. If you are indoors, you will need to push up the ISO to 400 to let light in. find interesting ways to frame the different images. For example, the height differences between children. Include exciting elements of the party in the photos, like balloons, decorations and gifts.

  1. Get close

The obvious best time for a close-up photograph is when children are blowing out the candles, or sitting down opening presents. Take a few photos on the side and directly focus on the child’s face. Keep the shutter speed at 1/160th of a second to keep everything sharp, but also to capture smoke trails from the candles. Use a shallow depth of field to keep the background out of focus.

  1. Expression time

Children are full of crazy energy, especially around their birthday. Keep your eyes on them, and take photos when they look happy with their friends. Select an ISO of 200-800 for a blurred background. Use flash to freeze the action as they run around. Consider using a separate flash, which is more powerful than the built-in flash, this will help you photograph children from a distance.

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