7 Free Music Making Apps You Need to Download

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You may be an up and coming star on the rise, or simply a tone-deaf music lover looking for an outlet, and we have the solution! These apps help you listen, create and develop your musical instincts. Download these today to discover what skills are lurking inside you, ready to jump out!

John from Mediatimes Brisbane blog says that a platform for new singer-songwriters, believes using apps like these can help mould you as an artist.

“These apps are great ways for people to learn and develop their skills. Who knows, one day they might be performing on the OnSong stage!”, he says.

  1. Figure (Free)

Figure is the work of one of the most respected music/tech companies, Propellerhead Software. Figure is for everyone though, it is an app to create electronic loops using drums, bass and lead melodies with no knowledge required. You can also remix other people’s looks and share your own.

  1. Ninja Jamm (Free)

Ninja Jamm is about making music with a sample from different artists. On the app, you can buy “packs” of sounds from different, individual artists, then remix or create new tunes as you please. You end up very confident with yourself, the more you explore the app.

  1. Magic Piano (Free)

What’s more exciting then jamming out on a virtual piano on your phone? Magic Piano lets you play along with a range of pop and classical songs on the virtual piano. You can upload your efforts to people around the world.

  1. Simply Piano (Free)

This app is a more traditional learn to play tool, focusing on the piano. You prop your phone up near your keyboard or piano and then work your way through a series of lessons. It uses the microphone from your phone to listen to what you are playing, then rates your skills.

  1. Music Maker Jam (Free)

This app lets you arrange loops and samples, as well as record your own vocal recordings, then turn them into songs. There’s a catalogue of samples to choose from, with more available in app purchases.

  1. Sing! Karaoke (Free)

American developer Smule is dedicated to getting more people into the music making process at home. This is the app for home karaoke singers; you can hum along to a large catalogue of tracks and even duet with other users.

  1. The Drum Machine (Free)

This app is a great use of touchscreen music making. It is a drum machine that combines faithful sounds with intuitive controls. It is fun to mess around with, but also helpful for working on ideas if you are an experienced musician.

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