Friday, August 7

Do Women Find Bearded Men Sexier ?

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Do women find the bearded men sexier? According to a survey of 5,000 women, 70% said yes. However, for men, there is more to it then just impressing women. 

Beard came into fashion a few years back in Australia and it was a common scene on Aussie streets to see men with long beard. Even though the trend is gone now, some men prefer to keep the beard.

Alex from Beard Products Australia says that beard is still very much in fashion as can be seen from the sales data of the beard products. The beard products are still selling like hot cakes. Some of the popular beard products are beard oil Australia, beard balm, moustache wax, beard comb and beard shampoo.

Most of the bearded men care about their overall style and take grooming seriously. These are the men who like buying men grooming products regularly. Though unlike women, most men do not prefer to go to the shop front to try the products and prefer to buy them online. Hence, many online men grooming stores are doing very well. The sales have jumped up for men grooming products in the last few years.

For many men, the beard is not just to attract women but it is more like a style statement for them, something that satisfies their desire to have a more macho look than other men. Beard is something that is simply part of them now and they love taking care of it.

Overall, it is not just about the beard. Women like men who like taking care of themselves. Women like men who love grooming and care about their clothing, style, and hygiene.

Things are different today then what it used to be. Men today are much more caring towards their grooming and like to buy grooming products to maintain their looks. Men are giving much more attention to their looks and overall grooming than ever before. The sale of men products has gone up by 25 % in the last 10 years and expected to further jump up in the next few years. Not to mention that e-commerce is growing too.