Tips for De-cluttering and saving on your moving cost

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The first way to save on your moving cost. Is to start your packing early. De-clutter and get rid of any items you no longer need or use.

In our home, we all have items we no longer need or use. Some have been with us for years. Passed down through the generations. Some we have collected. Given as gifts or simple brought and forgotten about it. Some we can’t bear to throw out. For some people, this can be very difficult to do and will need professional help to get the packing job done. Some people just need a little encouraging once they get started they find a weight has been lifted.

Now I am not saying get rid of everything. Some people can live like a Minimalist. Not everyone can and find this hard. If you do find this hard. Have more then you need and is feeling yours in way over your head. Get a profession to declutter person to come in and help. There is also plenty of YouTube clips to help and advice on Google as well.

As per the electrician Brisbane website, it is advised that we should also take our electrical equipment installed in our house because it is very easy to forget electrical installations.

If you are moving through and need to save money on the moving cost. For a number of reasons. This could be you don’t want to waste money on packing supplies you don’t need. Save also on the removal cost per hours. As you won’t have as many boxes to move. This is great if you have a limited budget when it comes to paying the removal company.

This could be the perfect time to declutter and get rid of any items you no longer need or use or want.

There are many ways you can do this. Have a Garage Sale. Find a Facebook page in your area where you can put a free and post want to want to sell or give away. If you are in Australia. There is also Where you can post an ad for free.

Friends Family and Local Charities. Check with friends and family if they need the items you no longer want. Or place in a Local Charity Bin like Vinnies or at the local Salvation Army Shop.  If you are in Brisbane or any other City in Australia. You may be fined if you leave your unwanted goods in front of the bins or shops. Even though it’s a donation. The council class this as litter now and may issue you a fine. As this is happening in Brisbane. Make sure you check before you make your donation on what they can and will take. As some places cannot take electrical goods as well.

Hire a skip bin. Depending on how much you have you may have to hire a skip bin. This could work out cheaper than numerous runs to the local tip. If you are in Brisbane. The BCC now has an app you can get on your smart device. To help you with recycling your unwanted items. This will let you know what you can recycle and where to take it.

If you happen to be outside the Brisbane area you will also find a link on there for some other Australian councils. As they have apps for their specific council area

If you need help ask for advice. There is plenty of information on Google and YouTube and local business to help you de-clutter. Peter Walsh is the go-to guy that Oprah uses. He has plenty of clips on YouTube. This will help you get started.

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