Monday, July 13

4 Quick Workouts Bound to Make You Sweat

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Author: Jaqquline Lawrie

Are you low on time but still want to tone up and live a healthy lifestyle? Everyone wants to live a healthy, fit lifestyle but sometimes it’s hard to fit in a workout with the daily struggles of work and commitments. Here are 4 quick workouts that are bound to make you sweat and can be performed at home or on the go.

  1. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are super quick, easy and will get your legs, glutes, abs and arms toned. To perform a jumping jack, start by placing your legs together and then jump with your legs and arms facing outwards. 250 jumping jacks will burn 50 calories so get jumping! Repeat step 20x with a 10 second break in-between reps.

  1. Push-ups

Everyone has heard of a push-up, and although they can sound daunting sometimes, it will help you work your biceps, back, chest and abs. The more you do push-ups too the better you’ll get so don’t fret if you struggle first go. Repeat step 10x with a 10 second break in-between reps.

  1. Planks

Planking is more than just a craze, it’s also a workout that is bound to tone your core and help build muscle. A healthy guy should be able to hold a plank for 2 minutes so keep 2 minutes as a starting goal. Furthermore, when starting off aim low and build up the time limit by 30 seconds each time.

  1. Squats

Squats are super popular these days to build a toned booty… but don’t be fooled they are a full-body fitness staple that will also work your abs, glutes, back and hamstrings, to name a few. By performing squats over a long period of time it will help you advance both your upper and lower body strength. When squatting start with 50 squats and build it up over a long period of time with rest days once every few days.


If you’re still not sweating or out of breath after doing these 4 exercises repeat a few more times. Within a few weeks you’ll be feeling healthier and looking great without wasting money and time at the gym.