Monday, July 13

5 Easy Ways to Bring Happiness into Your Life

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Author: Jaqquline Lawrie

Everyone wants to be happy right? While money cannot always buy happiness here are 5 easy ways you can infuse it into your life!

  1. Go for a walk

I’m sure you’ve heard exercise is good for you and it is, but it’s not only physically good for you it’s also mentally good for you too! While lifting weights and running marathons aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, a simple walk in the evening can help lower stress, anxiety and boost your happiness. When you work out, chemicals called endorphins are released into your body, which release a positive feeling into your body and help block pain. The release of endorphins can also help you sleep better which in return will release stress.


  1. Get some indoor plants

Did you know by simply bringing some plants indoors it can boost your happiness? Super easy right? It will not only look good but make you feel even better! Plants function the opposite of humans and instead of releasing carbon dioxide they release oxygen which not only freshens up the air but releases harmful toxins. A few indoor plants that’ll boost happiness include basil, bamboo, geraniums and lavender.


  1. Mediate

I’m sure you’re like me and constantly overthink everything including past events, interactions, people and situations. You can’t change the past unfortunately, no matter how much you wish you could and by meditating you’ll be able to detach from your emotions instead of being consumed by them. Meditating will also give you a clear perspective, help you think more rationally and cool you down from stressful situations.


  1. Play some music on your way to work

Instead of listening to the hustle and bustle on your way to work try playing your favourite tunes. Music has a lot of benefits. Neurological studies of music suggest that music can influence the way we feel and change our mood instantly. By simply putting on a positive, up-beat playlist you could be on your way to happiness!


  1. Light some candles

A simple task like lighting a candle can bring happiness, calm your nerves and improve your overall wellbeing. Aromatherapy candles made from essential oils are known for neutralising the air, eliminating pesky odours and creating a calm and soothing space. Suggested scents to create calmness and boost happiness include lavender, rose, peppermint and vanilla.