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How a healthy seafood diet will actually make you lose weight!

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When you think of treating yourself, do you imagine sizzling prawns in pepper and lime? Or perhaps fresh oysters with a pinch of wasabi? Maybe scallops seared in lemon is more to your liking? As if the mouth-watering taste of seafood wasn’t already heaven on the tastebuds, it’s been proven that it’s a miracle for the body too! As per Pacifica Trading blog website, not only do these sea-treats assists and prevent in various health aspects, but a healthy seafood diet will actually make you lose weight! So seafood, and eat as much as you like!

The Facts on Fish

Here’s the truly incredible thing; not only will eating fish make you lose weight, but it will actually benefit in weight-loss too!

Fish has many health benefits. All fish contains omega-3, which is renowned as a ‘good fat’ and imperative for the body to boost metabolism. Often, when we consume red meat, we’re getting our protein intake, but eating ‘bad fats’. Yet fish has just as much protein and practically non-exist fat! And once you’ve stabilised your diet with more protein and less fat, you’ll have your cholesterol under full control. Another amazing facet is; fish is considered one of the lightest foods available. And though it feels practically weightless on the digestive system, fish will make you feel fuller, sooner, which of course means you’ll naturally eat less!

Studies attribute fish’s impressive protein content to the filling factor, along with having an influence on serotonin levels; hormones that play a key role in appetite signals. So always choose to buy fish from your local seafood wholesaler to ensure quality freshness – after all, you want those important nutrients as well as a flat tummy!

There are many seafood markets in Australia where you can buy fresh fish and other seafood. No shortage of fresh seafood. Welcome to Australia!

Six of the Best

This is quite possibly the best news ever for seafood lovers; half a dozen natural oysters will only gain you a diminutive 43 calories. That’s about the equivalent of one plain Ryvita biscuit! Six oysters also provide a whopping twenty-one per cent of your recommended daily iron intake. Yet it gets even better. The hormone, leptin, which is responsible for telling your body that it’s hungry, works hand in hand with the mineral zinc.

And guess what’s positively teeming with zinc? If you guessed oysters, help yourself to another half dozen. Because research has shown that overweight individuals tend to have higher leptin levels with less zinc in their diet. A trip to your local fishmonger could be in order, followed by oyster shots around the dinner table tonight!

A Former Shell of Yourself

What’s fluffy, light, flavoured like clouds of the sea, and brilliant for trimming your tummy? Most molluscs, actually! Predominately though, scallops, with their low-calorie, high protein benefits have been proven to make a weight-loss difference in just four weeks!

In saying this, and all the above, of course, the way you cook and eat your seafood plays a major role. Ditching fried recipes and creamy sauces for poached, barbequed and grilled options will make all the difference, and result in faster weight-loss. This is why it’s so outstandingly important to forge a relationship with your seafood wholesaler; they can often advise and guide you on the best accompanying and healthy flavours.  It’s quite phenomenal to learn that frozen seafood won’t lose any of its nutrients, especially if you plan to eat plenty and store it in the freezer.

Likewise, if you’re fortunate enough to live near a coastal town, like Queensland’s Gold Coast, your local seafood wholesaler will often stock a delicious and nutritious array of the fresh local catch.

Who knew that your friendly seafood wholesaler could practically double as your dietitian!