Tips To Live a Happy and Peaceful Life

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Author: Vikas Rana. Founder, Mediatimes (Lifestyle blogs) & Director, WebsiteFix (digital agency)

Who doesn’t want to live a happy life? But there are myriad of things in our lives that are stopping us from living life with contentment.

Although there is no shortcut or magic formula to happiness, there are some proven techniques given time and again by psychology experts that can reduce your stress and help you live a happy life. Here in this article, I’m sharing some of these tips with you.

1.  Avoid Comparison– One of the biggest problems in our society is that people compare themselves to others. Comparing our lives with others can make us dissatisfied. Social sites like Facebook and Instagram has made it worse. When we see others sharing those party pics, receiving an award, or going places, we tend to start blaming ourselves for not having a life. Stop doing this. As per a research, users who took a week-long break from the social media site were found to be more satisfied with life and rated their own well-being as higher. Always remember “The grass always looks greener on the other side”. Never be jealous of others’ achievements and always compete with yourself. Always try to create a better version of yourself rather than trying to be better than others. If you compete only with yourself, nothing can stop you from being successful.

2.  Mental Diet– What are you feeding to your brain? We all make diet plans for our body but how many of us make diet plans for our brain? Feed only good things to your brain. Keep at least 60 mins a day to checkout some motivational videos, read some great blogs on life tips such as Life FAQ 🙂  and read some great books (make regular visits to your local book store to keep a check on best books out there). Another way to keep your brain healthy is staying in the right company. Stay with people who are better than you, who are achievers (mentors), who motivate you rather than pulling you down and stay away from negative people.

3.  Gratitude – Thank everyone for what they did for you. At the end of your day, sit and thank god/nature for everything you have. Always think of the things you have rather than things you don’t have. Because, there will always be something that you want to have. If we delay our happiness until we get something, then we can never be happy because desires never end! Being thankful is one sure-shot way to be happy. If you are complaining, thinking negative about others then you are only hurting yourself. Always think positive of others.

meditate- stay happy

4.  Meditate– You can only understand the benefits of meditation when you actually start doing it. Life is busy today and thee is so much noise. With all that noise, we need mediation more than ever. There is only one way to find the peace inside you- by taking time out, sitting in a quite place and meditating. Just sit straight, relax, breathe in and out and try to focus on your breathing. This will work as a fuel for your brain and recharge it.

5. Self-Talk – One of the best way to succeed in anything (and staying happy isn’t different) is to control your self talk. As mentioned in the book “The monk who sold his Ferrari”, think of your brain as a garden and yourself as a watch guard standing in front keeping check on thoughts that pass your mind. You can’t stop them (research says we have around 60,000 thoughts in day) but you can certainly direct them in the right direction. Talk positive to yourself, think of good things about yourself, stop blaming yourself and stop the negative self talk. When you do this, you will see a new, confident, happy and better version of yourself.

6. Work where you heart is– Remember the story of a fish who was forced to climb a tree. All her life, she remained unhappy and kept thinking she is useless. Do what you are good at. If you choose a career or work which you don’t love, rather hate, you will end up living your whole life in despair. On the other hand, If you are working in a field you love (it can be making music, photography, furniture making etc.), you would love to get up every day to go to work. You’ll do good in it because you already have a lot of passion for it. More importantly, you will be happy.

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