How to find the right tenant for your house

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choosing-a-tenantOnce someone has moved in, it’s already too late to spot a bad tenant. They are the ones that are always coming up with excuses on why the rent is late, demanding expensive and unnecessary repairs, and treating your place like a dumping ground.

Basically, they have made it their job to make yours and the property manager’s life extra stressful.

If you select your ideal tenant from the get go, you will ultimately be saving yourself from months of misery and will make your renting experience enjoyable.

Royden, from Property management Brisbane says, “A good tenant is the best thing to happen to your property”.

A reliable tenant is hard to find, but once you do it will pay off in the long run, especially in maintenance costs and minimised wear and tear costs.

Once you have the right tenant you need to look after them, and in return they will respect your rules and property- it just makes everything a much better experience.

The first step to finding the ideal tenant, is finding the right property manager.

Finding the right property manager will help you find the right tenant, work together and come up with specific items you are looking for in a tenant. It is then the property manager’s job to ensure they find you the best tenant.

A good property manager should ensure that the right tenant pays rent on time and reports maintenance issues straight away.

The best choice for a dream tenant are older couples, expectant mums or those with pets, as they are often seeking a long-term rental situation.

The maintenance and wear and tear may be higher, but they usually stay a lot longer. This saves the owner re-letting fees as well as the cost of having your property sit vacant while restarting the search process again.

The ideal or dream tenant changes based on the needs of each different landlord.

One landlord won’t care if they walk in and see the house is slightly messy as long as rent is paid exactly on time, while others will want the house to be in pristine condition, even if this means rent is two or three days late.

The most important thing to look for in an ideal tenant, is communication. Communication between the tenant and the property manager, and the property manager and you.

If you have tenants that care enough about the house they are living in to tell the property manager when things go wrong, or maintenance needs doing, you have hit the jackpot.

If you have tenants that simply just don’t care, then the property ultimately suffers.

Finding the ideal tenant comes down finding the right property manager who can listen and communicate with potential tenants what you expect, and make those things a reality.