3 Types of Roommates and How to Deal with Them

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One day you will wake up and be able to afford everything you deserve in life-a beautiful apartment, overseas travel, luxury cars, luxury handbags, basically the works. But unfortunately, until then, you are stuck splitting your living costs with a roommate. Maybe you are a lucky one who loves their roommate, or who’s roommate is never home. But, for most people, this isn’t the case- roommates can scar you for life. Here we are broken down the roommate situation into types of roommates, and how to deal with them. This guide will be your best bet until you hit the jackpot later in life!

Screening is the safest bet to weed out potential life ruining roommates. “Screen potential roommates diligently as possible. Bring them back multiple times if necessary. Do what it takes to get the best feel for their personality before you make any decisions”, he says.


TYPE 1: The Entitled Roommate

This is the type of roommate that feels like they should have more, give less and are always unhappy- about literally everything. They say things like “I’ve hardly been here this week, so I’m not going to be paying any electricity”, or “I’m rarely here, so I don’t know why I should clean”.



There is no good answer here. They can’t understand that you are working hard for what you have, and that they should be contributing equally. Best bet is to try talking t them and hope for the best.


TYPE 2: Hold until they explode roommate

You won’t know you have this roommate until it’s too late. You will come home from work, all the dishes will be broken, the cushions ripped and your bed on the floor. Why? Maybe its because you accidentally forgot to take out the garbage your roommate asked you to that morning. Is it really because of the trash bag? Probably not!



This one is an easy fix. Have getting to know you dinners, movie nights where you sit down, relax in a calm environment where they can tell you what bugs and annoys them. Keep a note, and be sure not to do those things. If that doesn’t work, keep a list on the fridge of things that annoys the other person and make sure neither of you cross that list.


TYPE 3: The Inconsiderate Roommate

You go to grab your milk from the fridge, only to find it’s empty. You go to have a shower only to find the plug filled with hair. Sound familiar? You probably have an inconsiderate roommate.


They aren’t intentionally trying to annoy you. Sit down with them and have an honest discussion about what is bothering you and they should listen. If they don’t change, kick them to the curb!

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